in virtual reality

Take control of the robot - build a robot and program for missions.
Explore the robotics quickly

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Thanks to HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift plunge into the amazing world of virtual reality and robot programming. A rare opportunity to learn through
the game. Become the greatest creator and expert in robotics! VRobot real virtual simulator of the designer from which you can compose any robot and get or test your skills of designing and programming robots.
The innovative program allows you to plunge into your robots and easily learn the principles of programming, compile complex algorithms and study complex mechanisms. We strive to give a fresh look at the learning process and make it better!

Our solution

We are expanding the boundaries of the worldview. We give a new look at learning and the approach to quick learning and assimilation of information. We have developed comprehensible educational materials

Using virtual reality you develop abstract thinking and scale of subjects. Use the latest technology and become innovators. VRobot saves you time, shows the prospects of robotics, gives you the skills today to use them tomorrow

Unique and exciting Robots: JonnyBot, Dragster, Colossus. Unmatched realistic sci-fi atmosphere: hangar for design and programming work. Various and individual tasks for each job and location